PolyCat Polymer Blending and Injection System

Batch type polymer blending and injection system for the preparation of liquid polymer to aid in the flocculation of sludge in the dewatering process. The batch tank method allows for the time necessary to “uncoil” the long chain polymer molecules making them more effective in reacting with sludge solid particles.

The PolyCat is a cost effective alternative to “in-line” polymer mixing systems, typically using less polymer per pound of sludge treated. It is used in conjunction with standard solid separation devices, i.e., centrifuges, belt presses, filter presses, dewatering boxes and other equipment requiring flocculation to enable dewatering.


  • Static mixer for polymer/sludge interface with throttle valve
  • All components mounted on a carbon steel skid with fork pockets, piped and wired
  • Heavy duty 1.9 SG polyethylene polymer tank
  • Direct drive motor on smaller tanks
  • Gear driven agitator mounted on larger tanks
    - TEFC 110V/1ph/60 Hz. drive motor
    - 175 RPM Gearbox output
    - Stainless steel mixer shaft and mixer blades
  • Wobble-Stator progressive cavity dilute polymer injection pump
    -TEFC DC motor drive-constant torque up and down the speed range
  • DC controller in NEMA-4 enclosure for pump speed control
  • On/Off switch for agitator motor located in NEMA-4 box


  • Bio-Solids Flocculation
  • Alum Sludge Flocculation
  • Grease Trap Waste Flocculation
  • Septic Tank Waste Flocculation

Tanks and Options

  • Multiple tank sizes available
  • Direct drive or gear motor driven
  • Separate skids for mix tank and pump/controls
  • 230/460V/3 phase motor and controls in lieu of 110V/DC
  • 2 tank systems

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