In The Round

The horizontal sludge-dewatering system from In The Round Dewatering has a stainless steel drum with perforated tile lining. The drum is mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transportation and unloading.

Water trays allow for containment of discharge water. An 18,000- to 25,000-gallon batch is mixed with polymer before being filtered in the rotating drum, driven by a 1/2 hp variable-speed electric motor with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket.

The turning eliminates crusting and wet pockets, producing uniform, consistent results. The dewatered material dumps easily, and the drum is self-cleaning. Dewatering is complete after one night.

Unit as seen on this page can be rented or purchased at a heavily discounted price.
Please contact us for more detailed information regarding this unit.



• Fill time: 1½ — 2½ hours 

• Run capacity: 18K — 25K gallons

• Can be filled multiple times before rotating 

• Operating speed one revolution every 2 hours 

• Maximum speed -  two revolutions per hour 

• Dried solids: 

- Sewage Sludge range 18% — 24% 

- Septic Sludge range 20% — 30%

- Grease Trap waste usually runs between that of sewage and septic sludge

• Typical dewatering time is overnight 

• Dryness greatly impacted by exact conditions and 

   polymer used, but no liquid remains when finished. Dried 

   solids typically 4 — 7 tons


• Steel drum with self-cleaning PVC Filter tiles with interlocking modular construction

• Mounted on roll-off frame with integrated tie-down straps for easy transport

• Unit length is 20’ and 7’6” wide

• Power requirements: ½ hp

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