Venturi Vac

VenturiVac Eductor System

The ParkProcess VenturiVac systems are designed to mix and convey dry or liquid materials using a liquid motive stream.


  • Mixing batches of chemical solutions
  • Mixing of slurry walls
  • Transferring solids using liquid
  • Making of drilling mud
  • Making of polymer solutions
  • Installing and removing filter beds
  • Removable nozzle and venturi
  • Nozzle and venturi typically made of an abrasion resistant material, i.e. UHMW PE or polyurethane but other materials of construction are available, i.e. any machine able plastic or metal
  • Supplied with inlet and outlet nipple which can have NPT thread, flange or Victaulic groove type ends
  • Includes a pressure gauge for incoming flow installed in inlet nipple
  • Includes a vacuum gauge installed in the eductor body
  • Standard sizes range from 1” to 6” pipe size
  • Flow rate capabilities from 15 gpm to 1200 gpm