Static Mixers

A static mixer is a precision engineered device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials. Normally the fluids to be mixed are liquid, but static mixers can also be used to mix gas streams, disperse gas into liquid or blend immiscible liquids. The energy needed for mixing comes from a loss in pressure as fluids flow through the static mixer. Mixer size can vary from about 6 mm to 6 meters diameter.

The VortaFlo static mixer is a simple mixing device for blending two or more liquid streams or to enhance the mixing of powder chemicals into a liquid.

The Park Process VortaBlend static mixing device has uniquely designed opposing nozzle plates that create opposite directional multiple spinning fluid “slabs” which collide in the center of the mixing chamber.

The Park Process VortaSpin mixing device has a uniquely designed nozzle plate that creates multiple spinning fluid “slabs”. These slabs inter-react with internal baffles in the downstream mixing chamber.