Liquid municipal sludge can have a high impact on disposal and transportation costs. ParkProcess dewatering equipment includes products specifically designed to dewater sludge, mud, gritty waste, sewage, septage, grease trap waste, manufacturing waster, refinery and chemical plant waste, mining waste, agricultural waste streams and a host of other applications. This equipment is simple to use and cost effective, with low maintenance requirements.

The SludgeKingTM is a specially designed container in the AquaCat family of dewatering boxes. The SludgeKing uses filters that radius to the bottom of the container leaving no corners for cake to stick.

The AquaCat Models are dewatering boxes with permanently mounted plastic filter media. The AquaCat is designed to be used with light gravity sludge and slurries made up of very fine particles that require the addition of a flocculent for effective dewatering.

The GritCats are watertight dewatering boxes with reusable filter media. It is designed to be used with gritty, or sandy type waste streams that typically do not require the use of a coagulant or flocculent for dewatering.

The GeoCat is designed to be used with sticky, slimy, slightly oily, non-uniform, non-specific, colloidal, or simply hard to dewater sludge where flocculation is not an option.

Large dewatering containers are typically made into the form of roll-off boxes and taken to the landfill for disposal. Transporting of the dewatering container to and from the landfill can quite often take a long time.

The LittleTipper provides an economical method for dewatering small amounts of sludge and transporting the dewatered cake in the same container to the disposal site, thus eliminating double handling of sludge and cake.

Batch type polymer blending and injection system for the preparation of liquid polymer to aid in the flocculation of sludge in the dewatering process.

The inline polymer system is designed to be used with liquid polymer for the continuous delivery of a blended dilute polymer solution. The polymer pump used in the MixCat system is a peristaltic type pump, which is relatively trouble free.

The VortaFlo static mixer is a simple mixing device for blending two or more liquid streams or to enhance the mixing of powder chemicals into a liquid.

The Park Process VortaSpin mixing device has a uniquely designed nozzle plate that creates multiple spinning fluid “slabs”. These slabs inter-react with internal baffles in the downstream mixing chamber.

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