For General Dewatering Applications

The GritCat Models are a cost effective way to collect, dewater, transport and dump all kinds of sludges, slurries, and wet solids.

The GritCats are watertight dewatering boxes with reusable filter media. It is designed to be used with gritty, or sandy type waste streams that typically do not require the use of a coagulant or flocculent for dewatering.

Other types of waste made up of large particles can also be used in the GritCat, i.e. stringy and fibrous solids.


  • Waste water treatment plants
        - Grit Dewatering
        - Screenings Dewatering
  • Vac truck waste
  • Industrial plant sump waste
  • Truck and heavy equipment wash basin waste
  • Water Treatment plant debris separation at surface water plants
  • Manufacturing plant waste water
  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction (optional stainless steel)
  • Designed to be handled by a standard fork truck
  • Typical (2) 2” drain ports located at the bottom on each side at opposing ends
  • Filter media covers the floor and 4 walls
  • Filter support panels made of perforated plates (optional materials available for support panels)
  • Filter media comes in a choice of plastic or stainless steel and is held in place by bolts and brackets
  • A double wall filter element that splits the hopper into two compartments is an available option
  • Dump Hopper sizes recommended: 3, 4, and 5 cubic yards
  • Micron size filters from 2000 microns to 44 microns (10 mesh to 325 mesh)