Single Diaphragm Electric Motor Driven Pump

Electric motor driven self-priming diaphragm pump. This pump is a strong performer in shallow high solids conditions.


  • Seepage dewatering
  • Sludgy septic tank water pumps
  • Industrial waste
  • Marine water
  • Construction site sandy/muddy water
  • Dewatering box effluent water
  • Auto priming intermittent pumping
  • Dry run without damage
  • Simple design, low maintenance
  • Large opening flap valves
  • Durable cast aluminum parts
  • Gears enclosed in oil bath
  • Maximum suction lift of 25ft
  • Maximum discharge head of 25ft
  • Up to a max solid of 1.7” diameter
  • TEFC motor standard
  • 5 diaphragm material options depending on application
  • Flows to 65 gpm