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3D CAD Design and Construction

We use 3D CAD designs as a core tool for the planning of our system solutions. This yields many benefits, such as modular systems, and maximum ability to detect potential problems early in the production process.

The 3D drawings also serve as documentation prior to the assembly process and clarify the final system layout to us and our customers.


  • 2015 Environmental Protection Award

    2015 Environmental Protection Award


    PolyCat Polymer Blending and Injection System

    Batch type polymer blending and injection system for the preparation of liquid polymer to aid in the flocculation of sludge in the dewatering process. The batch tank method allows for the time necessary to “uncoil” the long chain polymer molecules making them more effective in reacting with sludge solid particles.

    The PolyCat is a cost effective alternative to “in-line” polymer mixing systems, typically using less polymer per pound of sludge treated. It is used in conjunction with standard solid separation devices, i.e., centrifuges, belt presses, filter presses, dewatering boxes and other equipment requiring flocculation to enable dewatering.

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